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HMT has state of the art equipment managed by a expert team.

CNC Lathes

Capacity: 29" Diameter x 162" Long

CNC Mills

Capacity: 156" L x 87" W x 78" H

Manual Lathes

Capacity: 62" Diameter x 240" Long

Horizontal Boring Mills

Boring Mill with 79" x 63" Rotary Table with capacity of 240" L x 36" W x 96" H with right angle head.

Vertical Boring Mills

Capacity: 160" Dia x 64" H

Small Milling Machines

Mill Capacity: 24" x 72"

Gear Hobbs

Spur Gears, Gear Cutting, Cut Splines, Cutting Sprockets, 90" Diameter, Additional Types of Teeth: Helical Splines, Worm Spurs.

Surface Grinders

Capacity: 96" L x 24" W x 24" H

Wire EDM

Capable of burning materials to 24" x 16" x 12"

Key Seaters

Machines can cut keys to 2.50" W x 29" H


Hydraulic & Mechanical Presses provide a maximum of 400 tons of force & 40 ton synchronized die jacks.


Bridge cranes have capacities to 50 tons and are strategically placed to lend themselves most effectively for our larger as well as our smaller tasks Mobile Crane with 13 ton rating and a 35’ Reach Forklifts up to 40,000 lbs.


Fifteen state of the art welding machines to 1000 amps 100% duty cycle all processes. Tig, Mig, SMAW, SUBMERGED ARC and FLUX CORED. SPECIALTY Brazing of large Sections. Positioner and Manipulator to 144” X 12,000 lbs.


Engineering staff available to engineer your job or lend assistance to fulfill all your engineering needs. We also offer our fully functional drafting services which allow us to quickly and accurately complete your task.

Service Fleet

Fleet of over fifteen service trucks is ever ready to transport our service personnel or your project to or from our plant. These vehicles range in sizes up to 54,000 lbs. capacity.