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About Hancock Machine & Tool

Hancock Machine and Tool was founded in 1962 as Hancock Engineering by Bob Hancock.

The company was founded as General Electric was building the massive appliance park facility on the south side of Louisville. Bob had developed an overload protection system for stamping presses. GE was full of presses stamping parts for their appliances, and the overload protection for the mechanicals in the presses saved them a lot of money and led to a successful business for the Hancock’s.

After a long and successful career, the Hancock’s sold the company to David Baughman in 1993. Mr. Baughman merged Kentucky Hardfacing and Machine into Hancock’s building, and added an additional 10,000 square feet with a 50 ton bridge crane. In 2008, the Baughman Group purchased the press repair and tool and die business from the Stauble family.

Other significant milestones include the addition of large capacity CNC machine tools including two SNK RB2 vertical Machining centers, a Wadrich Sagen vertical Machining center and a Kobe Diesel vertical boring mill. Over the years our group of companies has developed innovative solutions for stamping presses, dryers on the bourbon industry, pumps and pulverizers in coal fired power plants, and large industrial pumps.

Today, Hancock Machine and Tool's has recently expanded our die shop and added 3,000 square feet of welding shop area. We look forward to working with you and continuing to provide quality service at competitive prices.